Oki Doki

Having cut my teeth as a teenager in Reykjavík’s music scene the trials and tribulations of an up and coming band are something I am acutely aware of. Badly organized shows, lack of advertising, lack of communication, bad deals (more often no deals) in place to pay the artists, bad gear, shoddy attendance and the bulk of responsibility landing on one “responsible” member of one band. For grass-roots bands at the time this was the norm, and it sucked.

Co-founded with fellow musicians Kristján Guðjónsson and Leifur Eiríksson, Oki Doki set out simply to keep the artists happy on and off stage, organizing nights of chaos. Rather than being specifically an events and promotions company we evolved into a problem-solving shop for the music industry.

+ Events
+ Promotions
+ Management
+ Design
+ Booking
+ Production

Need an album pressed?
Need a shirt made?
Need a show put together?
We could do that.

Need a website for your band?
Need eCommerce for your label?
Need a deal on some studio time?
We could do that too.

The origami elephant that makes up
the logo and the name reflect Oki Doki’s ethos.
With a bit of know-how and minimal
resources, we could make great things happen.