Ungir Umhverfissinnar.

(Young environmentalists)

This project was done as part of my “Non-Profit Happy Hour” scheme.

Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Sadly it’s under constant threat from heavy industry and a number of sites have already been irreparably damaged due to heavy industry and a lack of conservation.

Ungir umhverfissinnar (Young enviromentalists) is a grass roots enviromental lobby group focused on raising awareness and pushing for further conservation and protection of Icelands unique landscape. They came to in need of a logo and a basic website to display the core tenenetes of their organization and allow people to sign up for their newsletter. Simple enough.

The Logo depicts sea, land and sky on a form reminiscent of a shield. A slight tilt on the back octagon creates a sense of movement and progression. Protection + Progress, that’s what we were going for.

Even with such a simple site I felt we could do a little more to drive home the point they were trying to make. Matt Eisman, photographer and friend, was kind enough to donate some shots he had taken whilst traveling the country working on nature conservation (total coincidence, I swear). We used Matt’ s photos as the backgrounds for the page. On each page load a new image will be displayed and then slowly fade and cycle through a set of images showing the varying beauty that Ungir Umhverfissinar is fighting to protect.